November 16, 2010


Ummmm...well, wow. Really that's all I can think to say. The meeting with the cat sitter was at the very least interesting. In the 15 minutes that she was here I learned:

1. She has a sciatic nerve problem
2. That her house is now worth $1.8 million
3. That there was a time that her and her husband separated
4. That she has a bunch of gay friends but none of them are women
5. She started her period today
6. She knows how to swear (I have no problems with swearing but find it odd to do so during a business transaction with someone you just met)

She seemed to like the animals, so we'll see. I have a feeling we'll just be using her for our trip and Christmas and then shop around a bit more. Aside from the over share she just rubbed me the wrong way. I felt like the whole time she was telling me what I should be doing with my animals. It reminded me of those strangers that always have an opinion about what your doing with your child.

I'm not sure if we've introduced you all but here are the little ladies in our lives:

This is our oldest, Olive. She's one chatty cat and loves to be all up in your business. We sometimes have to hide our hands because if she sees them she'll run over and rub her head against them. She is a total Mama cat. If she hears her sisters fighting she'll charge into the room and beat up poor Campbell, even when he's just sleeping and had nothing to do with the fight.

Our middle child is Ivy. Her nickname is Poison Ivy. I have a love hate relationship with this girl. She loves to hiss and if you walk past her when she's not in the mood you'll get a swat. Very independent and a true loner. She does have a soft side that comes out at night when I go to bed. It's our time together. She'll see me go to bed and jump in and come up and snuggle for a few minutes before taking off. I'll even get a kiss on the hand some nights.

And last is our baby Fern. She was scooped out of a dumpster when she was 4 weeks old and I think we threaten her daily to throw her back in. She'll then do something funny and all is forgiven. She is our court jester and Campbell's best friend. They will chase, play and groom each other. She's our one cat who doesn't have a set place in the house. She'll just randomly go to sleep in the strangest places. Half the time you'll practically trip over her because she's spread eagle on her back, legs dangling in all different directions in the middle of the hallway.

These kitties are Jackson's favorite things in the house, whenever they are near he perks up and gets excited. Right now his sound for kitty is "kich". Hard to spell but sounds like a cat hissing with a k sound.


Stacey said...

Wow, yeah sounds totally unprofessional. I'm trying to get the link to the cat sitter/dog groomer (in house grooming!) that I know and will pass it on. She's really nice, dependable and did I mention she's totally gay? Sounds perfect, eh?

I hate when you meet up with someone who is a little *too* comfortable with you to tell you everything, swear and act unprofessional.

Your cats are so cute and I love the blurbs you wrote about them. :)

Shannon said...

They're all so cute! Ivy sounds like a typical middle child. LOL. The cat lady sounds strange - hope it works out until you can find someone else.

Lisa said...

I love how you described your cats. They sound hilarious and loveable all at the same time.