November 6, 2010

Times Are a Changin'

Well here we go. I'm anticipating a horrible week of fussy baby. I'm hoping that the time change goes smoothly and he isn't too affected. I'm predicting I'll be up at some ungodly hour tomorrow morning and attempting to keep a very tired baby up longer than he wants tomorrow night.

It seems so long ago that this would be one of those exciting nights out at the bars where you get to stay out an hour later, drink for one more hour, going to bed as the sun comes up. Now here I am hurriedly typing this post so I can go to bed in an attempt to be rested so that i can get up before the crack of dawn to play and have breakfast with the cutest little boy in the whole world. How times have changed. I wouldn't have it any other way!!

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K said...

LOL! Isn't it funny how things like time change night and oh, I don't know... weekends... just aren't exciting in the same ways they used to be? Of course there are new things to be excited about, but I have to admit I miss me some sleepin' in sometimes. :-) Hope you get more sleep tonight!

Mariah said...

Time change sucks big time!!! Hope you have a good week.