November 9, 2010

Gourmet , No Way!

Jackson has always been an easy eater when it's come to his pureed baby foods. He's more or less eaten everything I've made him, well except for carrots (gag, spit out and complete body shudder). We're slowly getting him to eat more finger foods. So far our successes have been:

- mangoes (wont pick it up on his own)
- bananas (won't pick it up on his own)
- graham crackers
- Mum Mums
- toasted whole wheat bread
- Cheerios
- Puffs

Oh Puffs. He's worse than our dog Campbell. Jackson can hear a can of Puffs being shaken in another room and the kid goes wild with anticipation. We've tried other things. For example, tonight I provided an array of cut up green beans, peas and corn. Nope, wouldn't even look at it. I was hoping that he would be more of a foodie by the time we went on vacation so I wouldn't have to bring a bunch of baby food with us. It's not looking like that's going to happen.


kat said...

My friends and I call puffs "baby crack" :) They can't get enough of them.

Laurie said...

We, too, call puffs baby crack! I think they are a universal addiction! Does Jackson have trouble picking up the mangoes and banana? Or does he not show interest? When we first starting introducing "slimy" fruits, we coated them in baby cereal before giving them to Ryan. It worked like a charm! It made it much easier for him to grab the pieces.

H2 said...

Lol baby crack. I like Laurie's idea to cover them in baby cereal.

Svillage said...

looks like a pretty good list. :-)

Heather said...

I was going to tell you the same thing about the baby cereal.. Laurie liked to lay the fruit nice and neat on a plate and roll each piece of fruit individually into the cereal. I on the other hand put the cereal in a zippy and shook the fruit inside like the "shake-n-bake" method.... haha, my way works great, faster and less cleanup. =)

I agree with the puffs= baby crack. Ryan goes nuts for them. He figured out how get the lid off with his teeth!!

Stacey said...

That's tough. I love when they get to the age where they can just have a little of whatever you're having. Definitely makes travel easier.

Shannon said...

Those puffs are baby crack. Even Erik still goes crazy and wants them if Ian is having them!