November 15, 2010


I think Jackson might be signing "more". It could be complete fluke but he was doing it today at dinner when I would stop feeding him. We'll see if he does it again tomorrow. Jackson has also started saying "mama". He in no ways associates either one of us with that word but it beats hearing him say "dada" all the time.

Basically this is a quickie post so I don't fail at NaBloPoMo. We have the cat sitter coming tomorrow morning to meet the girls and get the lay of the land before we go on vacation in 12 days (in case anyone out there is counting along with me). So instead of writing Pulitzer prize winning material on here I'm madly cleaning the house to make it look like we always live the complete opposite of how we in fact do live.


Mariah said...

haha - when people come over when I don't feel like cleaning, I tell them well you'll just have to see how we normally live!

Stacey said...

It's always fun when people come over and you have to clean like mad. With two kids, the place is destroyed that very day--toys everywhere!!!

Had I thought about the fact that you were going away, I could've hooked you up with a really great pet sitter in the GTA. And she's gay. :)

B. said...

Haha! I'm the same way... I cleaned the house all weekend to get ready for the flooring guys to come make a complete mess of it.

And now, only 11 days until your vaca... happy counting!

Shannon said...

Ha ha, don't we all do that? When I was a kid I couldn't figure it out when my mom would clean when friends were coming. I always said, "But they're your *friends*, why are you cleaning for them??" I get it a little more now. :) But when strangers come, cleaning definitely required. :)

Jackson probably is signing. They pick it up quickly once they figure it out. Ian started signing more at around 7 months and then we didn't really teach him any more until recently. Now he's really getting it and is signing "please", "all done", and "sorry" (when he smacks Erik.)