July 26, 2010

Monday - Day 8

Dear Mommy,

My letter is going to be very little because Mama says I have to go to bed NOW!

I don't know if Mama told you but I went back to school today!! I wanted to go back sooo bad so I could see my friends again and show everyone how I can roll over whenever I want. I was so excited that I forgot that I now like bananas, so when it was time for morning snack and I got rice cereal and bananas I made a yucky face and spit it out instead of saying yummy. I'm so mad at myself!!

I was having so much fun that I just didn't want to nap at all today. Miss. Cassandra tried to make me sleep and that made me VERY mad. So I yelled sooo loud. Miss. Cassandra tattle tailed on me and told Mama I only slept for 30min. I love Miss. Cassandra a whole bunch but I don't like that she told on me. So because she told Mama, the whole way home all I heard was how tired I looked and that I was going to bed as soon as we got home. That means no dinner and no bath time :( I only get to drink my milk and get cuddles tonight.

Do I look sleepy?? I don't think so!

Mama says times up and I got to go to bed now.

Love you bunches!

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Next in Line said...

Jackson I would have put you to bed too. That is one serious I need to sleep baby face.

Anonymous said...

He is adorable - even when screaming. Hope you both got a good nights sleep!