July 22, 2010

Thursday - Day 4

Dear Mommy,

Oh Mommy, Mommy, Mommy. I got the sickness :( I can't stop pooping my pants. I even puked up some of my breakfast. I have to tell you that rice cereal tastes the same coming up as it does going down. I don't think I want to eat rice cereal anymore.

So far I have been through 3 outfits. My favoritest jammies, a onesie that Mama says you hate and then Mama finally thought she outsmarted me and just had me wear a t-shirt but then I had a REALLY explosive watery poop and that outfit had to go into the laundry too. Mama said we are playing a fun new game today called, "Don't poop on Mama" but I don't think it's a game, I think Mama is scared of me. Whenever I sit or lay down on something she always makes sure there's a towel underneath me. She's had to change my diapers LOTS!

Mama took me to the doctors today too. In case I haven't told you, I don't like it there. When I go there they shove things in my different holes or poke me with things that make me cry. I was a big boy today though and didn't cry once. I'm so sad,the doctor said I can't see my friends again until Monday BUT that means I get to be with Mama all day today, tomorrow and the weekend!!

I was so excited for bath time with Mama so that I could play with Tigger again but Mama didn't give me a bath in the big bath like normal, she put me in the baby bath. I told her I wasn't a baby but she said I was and we fought again and bath time was over quickly. Don't worry about us though, we made up again when she fed me and rocked me to sleep.

Love you!


Beth said...

Fantastic entries!! He's still so cute!

Anonymous said...

Oh, you poor dears. Both of you. I hope it's over quickly and the weekend is restful.

J and DZ said...

Oh Jackson! I feel so bad for you. ): I hope you feel better soon!!!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jackson...and poor Mama. It's hard enough having a sick baby, but extra hard if you have to deal with it alone! You're doing a great job. And I LOVE these letters.

Next in Line said...

Dear Jackson,

I would like to give you a gold star for your very funny letters that are making me laugh everyday. I also am hoping that you feel better and sleep through the night soon. Your mommies also need gold stars for getting through this week. All my love to you and your mommies.

From a loyal reader

rashea said...

awww i love the letters. so sweet. get well soon sir.