July 25, 2010

Sunday - Day 7

Hiya Mommy!

I want to say how much I love you and miss you and how you are my favoritest Mommy.

Today was a very very bad day. I'm mad at Mama, I'm mad at Campbell, I'm mad at the iguana on my exasaucer and I'm mad at my bathtub Tigger. I know if you were here I wouldn't be mad at you cause you are the bestest.

I was sound asleep this morning when Mama comes into my room and wakes me up because she said she heard me poop REALLY LOUD over the monitor and it woke her up. When she lifted me out of my crib there was poop dripping everywhere!! It was on me, on my jammies, on my sheets, EVERYWHERE! I felt bad that I pooped my pants again but now I'm glad I did cause I'm mad at Mama! I had such a bad day and Mama didn't try and help me at all!!!

She put me in the exasaucer to play but then I tried to put the iguana in my mouth but he doesn't want to go in my mouth so I yell at him, "IGUANA GET IN MY MOUTH!" but he still doesn't listen so I got more mad and Mama said no more exasaucer. So then Mama says she'll play with me on the floor. She gets all MY toys out and puts them down and we have so much fun playing but then Campbell comes and takes MY toys away. So I yell at him, "CAMPBELL BRING BACK MY TOYS!" but he doesn't listen to me either so I got more mad and Mama said no more floor time. is proof..See me roll over to see Campbell with all MY toys?!?

Mama says I was acting mad cause I was tired so I yelled at her too "NO MAMA, I'M NOT TIRED!". Mama said we all needed to take a chill pill so she packed Campbell and me up in the car and we went for a drive. I didn't want to have anything to do with Mama and Campbell because I was sooo mad at them so I took a nap. But I held on to my toy real tight so Campbell wouldn't try and steal it when I was sleeping.

Then at dinnertime Mama made me butternut squash. I think she should have asked me first what I wanted so even though I love butternut squash when she gave it to me I spit it out and even made a gagging face. So I yelled at her again "BUTTERNUT SQUASH IS GROSS MAMA!!" I know that if you were here Mommy you would have asked me what I wanted because you are a good Mommy.

So Mama says that she thinks we should have a bath and go to bed. I was so excited because I was going to play with my favoritest toy, bathtub Tigger. But when we get in the bath he kept floating away from me no matter how many times Mama brought him to me. So I had to yell at him too!

I'm very tired from all of my yelling today so I'm going to go to bed and dream of you Mommy cause I love you the most!

Hugs and Kisses,


Jen said...

Seriously, these are hillarious! I actually picture Jackson saying all of this stuff and it cracks me up!! No offense to your other blog topics, but I vote for more Jackson POV blogs!!

Next in Line said...

Oh Jackson that is a lot of yelling. Mama must be very tired helping you have fun today while you are sick. Ziya woke herself up from a nap yesterday pooping her panties. It happens. Feel better soon Jackson!

Anonymous said...

All I have to say is....poor mama!!

Get better, all of you...and come home, Mommy!

nutella said...

I know it's mean and you've had a rough go this week, but I am laughing out loud at these post. Love them!

Anonymous said...