July 24, 2010

Saturday - Day 6

Hi Mommy!

I'm so sorry I didn't write you yesterday. Mama got the sickness too :( I know I shouldn't say this but I had sooooo much fun when Mama and I had the sickness. She built a fort in the bathroom with pillows and blankets and we played in there for awhile, I drank lots and lots of milk cause Mama said I needed to cause I keep pooping my pants. But best of all Auntie JD came by today to look after me, we had a blast! I think Mama went and took a nap and had a shower. I know for sure she had a shower cause the next time I saw her she gave me lots of cuddles and she smelled WAY better.

Remember how I said I'm eating lots and lots? I'm drinking so much that Mama has to feed me milk from the bottle. She takes these bags out of this cold place and tells me I'm drinking liquid gold. At first I was soooo excited to drink liquid gold, but then Mama gave it to me and it tasted like normal milk. I didn't want to hurt her feelings so I just drank the whole bottle and smiled real big. Mama's drinking bottles too, we went to the store and she got these bottles that are all different colors. She says they will help her feel better cause they have electricity in them. But I bet electricity will taste the same as liquid gold, so I'm fine with just drinking my milk.

I don't know if Mama told you yet but I'm rolling over ALL THE TIME! Mama will put me on my back and then...BAM I'm on my tummy. I know they say Back is Best but I think they should say Tummy is TOTALLY AWESOME, cause it is. I don't know how I kept getting stuck on my arm this whole time?!? Rolling over is super easy. But I did get scared last night when I rolled over in my crib and got stuck on my tummy. So scary. I cried and Mama put me back on my side and I went back to sleep.

I better go and check to make sure Mama is doing okay. I love you and can't wait until you come home.



Jen said...

I just love reading these letters!!! You should make them into a book that he can have read to him and play with. I hope you guys are feeling better! Sounds like no fun, even though a cool fort was involved. :)

E and M, jumpingoutoftrees said...

Love the letters...we will miss them when Mommy comes home...

Claudia said...

He is adorable, guys! Mel, so sorry I had to work all day. Wish I coulda helped. Feel better and I'll see you soon!

Somethingtogrow said...

What a cute picture! I'm delurking today to say how much I enjoy your blog. We live in the same town and I think we are using the same Dr. you used. Fingers crossed that they can work some magic for us too! Jackson is adorable. Thank you for sharing your story and giving me hope.

Pufferfish said...

Your letters are cracking me up, even if this last one is sad because everyone is pukey and poopy!
Feel better soon!
Adorable photos!