July 27, 2010

Tuesday - Day 9

Hi Mommy,

Today was AMAZING!!I had a really really scary dream this morning, I was so scared that I screamed and screamed and screamed so Mama took me to the big bed with her and Campbell. We went back to sleep and I didn't have anymore bad dreams. Also I didn't poop my pants the whole night!!

Mama and Miss Erin had a BIG talk with me at school this morning. They told me that I had to promise to take a big nap today. So guess what? I DID! I slept for a whole hour this morning and I even took an afternoon nap. Miss. Cassandra gave me cereal with pears for morning snack, it was so sooo gross I gagged lots. But then she just gave me some pears and I ate it all up! So tasty! No more cereal please.

Mommy, I have a secret. I'm in love. There is a girl in my class named Gretchen. She is very very cute. So today to show her how much I love her I kept taking her toys away from her. I think tomorrow I might kick her to show her how I feel.

My favoritest part of the day was going for a buggy ride. Remember when I first went to school and I had to ride in the back of the buggy sitting in a baby seat?!? Not anymore!! I got to be a big boy and sit in the the front.

I don't know if Mama's told you yet but I have been such a good boy when I go to bed. After Mama feeds me and rocks me and reads me a book she puts me in my crib and I go to sleep right away! I like to sleep on my side all the time now, sometimes she forgets so I have to roll on my side myself. Mama says only two more sleeps and you come home. I'm so excited!!



Amy said...

I can't wait to see you both on Thursday! I will miss your letters but I would rather see you in person. I love you both.

Next in Line said...

Yay for two more sleeps!