July 21, 2010

Wednesday - Day 3


Mama and I are fighting. She is being so unfair!!! Last night at 2:00am she told me I was such a good boy for letting her sleep 3 hours, so good that I should get a gold star. But when I woke her up every hour after that to talk about it she took my gold star away :( She doesn't understand! I'm all by myself in my room with no one to talk to about the gold star so I have to bring her back in to talk. When I woke up this morning I gave her a BIG smile to see if she would give me my star back, I think it worked because she gave me a big smile too. But then I peed on your big bed and pooed my pants and ruined another outfit on the way to school this morning so now I don't think I'll ever see my gold star again :( Can you talk to her for me???

I had a great day at school today. I played a lot on the floor and when my friends crawled by I would try to grab them. The best part was when Mama surprised me and came in during her lunch break to give me lots of kisses, cuddles and milk. Oh! I almost forgot. I had snack time with the other babies. I had oat cereal and pears. Miss. Cassandra said I could stop helping her put my spoon in my mouth but I think it makes me look like a big boy.

Almost my whole class went home today because they were sick. There was puke and poo EVERYWHERE! Gretchen and I were the last babies standing. I hope I don't get it and have to stay home tomorrow :(

Mama gave me bananas for dinner. Remember when I didn't like bananas? What was I thinking?!? I LOVE bananas. Mama made them from scratch for me and they were very yummy in my tummy. Mama says I have to go to bed on time tonight because she wants me to get lots of sleep so I don't get sick like my friends. I'm going to be such a good boy and go to sleep right away.


P.S. Remember to ask her about the star.


Jen said...

I love these posts! So hillarious.

Jackie said...

This is HILARIOUS. I have to stifle my laughter so I don't wake the baby!

Mariah said...

These are great. I'm sure Amy LOVES reading every post.

Lisa said...

Such a cute post. Jackson, I just know you are going to get your gold star back if only for being an adorable little boy. Glad you didn't truly rule out bananas.

My friend had to pick her son up from daycare today bc of diarrhea and some virus. He can't go back until Monday. I hope that doesn't happen to Jackson.

Jen said...

These letters are fabulous! Jackson has just the commentary...

Anonymous said...

Melissa, these are hysterical. And what a GREAT picture....Jackson and Owen have the same peach fuzz. :)